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Hermione Olivia is a serial entrepreneur turned EU+UK CEO of JSHealth Vitamins, an Australian living in London, and mother to be. She is passionate about creating a motivational and inspirational space for women everywhere, a resource platform where she can share her own learnings and the learnings of inspiring leaders in their fields from across the Globe. Thus: CEO YOURSELF was born.

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As EU + UK CEO for health and wellness brand JSHealth, key opinion leader, wife, step mum and mum-to-be, Hermione Olivia understands the need for balance, prioritisation and streamlining takes. She also knows that, some days, you just need a little motivation to lean in! Having launched numerous businesses herself from start to finish, Hermione has many first hand lessons to share. It was in considering future generations, and her future daughter, that CEO YOURSELF was born. She is on a mission to share, inspire, educate and motivate others to become the CEO of their own lives, whatever that may mean for them personally. CEO YOURSELF intends to help you 'Cherish Every Opportunity'. 

"If we can help just one person to take action towards their dreams, or point them in the direction towards recognising their goals, than this CEO YOURSELF project has been a success"

"The moment I found out I was having a baby girl, the burning desire to create and share something meaningful and positive became a pursuit I couldn't ignore. Throughout my pregnancy, I moulded and shaped the platform into what you're reading here today. I'm passionate about connecting people, and sharing the knowledge I acquire along the way. This platform will evolve and shape with time, and your input. My hope is that you land here and find a motivational quote, book or resource that can lift your mood and transform your day, for the better"

Hermione Olivia

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